Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A very unfunny turn.....

May 5th

Really odd day today. Still no post for either Tom or me. In the office, all Claude willsay about the census forms was that someone needs them to make the official return to MINEDUC. Well, OK, but I only need the last remaining six or seven and then I can get my analysis done.

Then I have a funny turn – feel giddy and faint, come over all sweaty and then cold, and feel really peculiar. At one stage I wander if I’m about to pass out on the spot – that’s certainly put the wind up the others if yours truly goes comatose on the floor!

Decide the best thing is to get myself home while I still can. I’m going to be faffing around trying to find something worthwhile to do in the office, and if I’m going to be ill I want to do it at home!

So by soon after nine I’m trudging back to the flat. I manage to get home OK and flake out on the bed and doze for a couple of hours until Janine arrives to do the cleaning. She’s most surprised to find me still there!

By lunch time I’m feeling a lot less woozy, and as the afternoon goes on I gradually get more with-it. I’m still not sure what’s wrong with me; might be an after effect of the Giardia; might be dehydration (I had a raging dehydration headache during the night); might just be combined effects of altitude and tiredness. I could do without any more episodes, though.

So by the end of the afternoon I’ve planned a second attempt at visiting Gisiza school for Wednesday, I’ve arranged to see St├ęphanie at Shyogwe school on Tuesday, and have lunch with Nix at the orphanage on Tuesday. Charlotte’s texted to say she wants to come and see me at the office on Tuesday. And I’ve gone through Marisa and St├ęphane’s photos and selected a whole bunch to keep; a few I’ve already added to my various powerpoints. And I’ve finished reading a book, and by bedtime I’ve watched the Simpsons movie on DVD.

So not a totally wasted day, then, but definitely not one of my best!

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