Sunday, 4 May 2008

On the run

Apr 30th

A bit of a non-day. Tummy still far too unsettled to risk going outdoors, so I settle for a day in the flat. There’s tons of things to do and I dare say I end up getting more work done than if I had gone up to the Office. Cathie comes round to see how I am. Eat nothing but cold rice from last night, and drink nothing but tea made with bottled water, or cold water.

By mid afternoon I’m feeling better, I’m not going to the loo any more and I’m bored with using my laptop (and listening to the music from the barber shop across the road), so I venture up to the post office and post a couple of things. Still no post for either of us today. Decide not to call into the office even though it’s just a few steps from the Post. They can wait. On the way back I visit all three internet cafes to see if I can get on line and send the stuff to Holland that’s getting urgent, but at this time of day every computer is manned by teenagers playing music videos or emailing their friends. Hopeless.

So it’s back to the flat and reading or watching a video to pass the time.

I hate not being well!

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