Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Postcard from Kabacuzi - 1

This is the kind of deluxe accommodation for our training. No glass in windows, and so draughty it blows everything off the walls. Minimal furniture, and uncomfortable for our audience after an hour or so. It's a parish room, so there's always a crucifix above the blackboard, and some taty, faded posters which are barely legible. (Reminding you how to calculate the area of a circle etc)
The standard Rwandan football, made of bananaleaves, bits of paper and plastic, and held together with banana leaf twine. This one had been confiscated and was lying in our classroom in the middle of stacks of roof tiles fresh from the brick kiln.

If you blow this picture up you can see our moto drivers under the acacia tree. I bet the families in the little houses on the right really bless the day they built their places on the edge of the school yard!

Couronnes of palm leaves. You find these everywhere. They're all the protection you have on your head when you're carrying heavy loads - e.g. a basket of bricks!

Sing along with Brucey Baby

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