Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Crummy Monday; will work ever pick up?

May 4th

Marisa and Stéphane had brought loads of food with them, so we all ended up with the biggest breakfast ever seen in our flat! French bread, German salami sausage. We persuaded Stéphane to give marmite a try, but how much this furthered international amitié is a moot point. Then we all went our separate ways; they set off for Butare, Tom to church and me to the internet café. First time I’ve been able to blog in a fortnight. Still can’t manage to get the Shyogwe photos loaded onto the blog; I nearly get them done and then the connection breaks and I’m back to square one. I might even have to do them two at a time, which will look ridiculous on the page!

For lunch, Tom and I are still finishing up left-overs from the morning, and we both decide to flake out for a sleep in the afternoon. Texted Soraya to see if she wants to come travelling with me on the weekend in mid-May. I’ll be fed up with quiet weekends in Gitarama by then.

Meanwhile Karen has texted us and invited us out to a meal at “Tranquillité”in the evening. Cathie and Elson are there, also Ulrika from the orphanage and a German friend staying with her. No sign of Ward; we assume he’s off looking at plants…

No rain for two days, even at the height of the rainy season. That’s worrying. My sweet peas are so dry I’ve had to rescue them again with water. Even the night air feels dry and warm rather than the humid warmth it should have.

When Teresa rings we have a definite date for her coming out to join me – July 29th. Unfortunately everyone at home also seems to be either ill or struggling, so I’ve obviously been in good company the last few days.

Best thing about today – my laptop. Over the last three weeks it’s gone from a situation where I though I’d have to scrap it, to one where I’m listening to loads of lovely African music (thanks, Nick and Irene) and enjoying scores of extra photos from my colleagues (take a bow Geert, Cathie, Marisa & Stéphane). Vraiment, la vie est bonne! And now that Nix is back at Shyogwe after going home to South Africa I know she’s got a lot of CDs for me to listen to……

Worst thing about today – although it’s a Sunday I can’t help feeling that as much as social and “African” life is going well, the work side of things is in the doldrums.

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