Sunday, 4 May 2008

How to look really busy without getting anythign done!

Apr 28th

Into the Office bright and breezy, ready to battle with my statistics and end up with a presentation just as flashy as Mans’. Some hopes.

Firstly, Mans has done something interesting with his power points and I can’t make mine match them. Then we have a power cut at the Office which eventually lasts the whole day. Nobody can use any computers, and I’m absolutely stuck.

I go home mid morning to work at the flat; then after half an hour there’s a power cut at our place, too!

Go back to the office after lunch to see if we’re back on – but no; everyone’s trying to look busy but actually doing nothing. They’re very good at it, too!

So I rifle through a filing cabinet which didn’t seem to be around before, and I discover last year’s census forms, including summary sheets for nearly all our primaries. This is a gold mine – I’m going to be able to show trends over at least two years which will put my current year figures into perspective. It’s a pity there aren’t any summary sheets for the secondaries because there’s an awful lot of data to transcribe, but I might just be very selective as to what sections I use.

Back home I work my way through the primary summary sheets, and then after tea watch half a video.

At last I’ll be out on the road tomorrow – it seems far too long ago since I last went out to visit a school.

Best thing about today – finding last year’s figures. I know it sounds nerdy to anyone reading this, but it’s a major challenge to discover data in this black hole of an office!
Worst thing about today – power cuts. I could kill someone at Electrogaz.

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