Friday, 14 November 2008

Umufuca (rice sacks) - examples for you to see

Music - names of notes, rests, and the basic scale.

A reasonably accurate map of Rwanda without too much clutter of detail. Children need to know the names of towns, rivers, national parks, main mountains and neighbouring countries. Anything more just confuses them.

Two examples of science posters. These are copies of professionally made rice sack posters from the "Mango Tree" workshop in Kampala.

Here's one I made earlier - a very simple water cycle diagram. I was pleasantly surprised to find most of the technical terms are spelt the same in French and English.

This comes from Anne-Miek in Kigeme via Cathie. It is a lovely eample for use with very young children - you can cover the members of your family, your house and little garden etc. If you want to get more sophisticated you can cover pronouns of place - on, behind, near, in front of etc.

An example of a dialogue rice sack. The characters are linked to the previous example with the drawing of a family.

A maths number grid. You can use this for helping with multiplication tables as well as various maths games.

Two shots of the umufuca as I put them up in a classroom. Bear in mind that this is a brand new classroom built to the best standards (it even has a false ceiling for thermal and sound insulation). Would that all our classrooms looked like this!

Any Rwandan teacher would sell their grandmother to be able to teach here - the walls are plastered and emulsioned; the windows are glazed, the floor is smooth cement. The desks are all new. The only snag is that the blackboard is very rough. Blackboards in Rwanda are made of cement smoothed as best they can and then painted black.

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tina said...

Hey Bruce,
I looked at the fotos before I read the text and I thought: Where did you find this extravagance class room. It looks awesome!!!!
I enjoy your pics and cannot wait to see it all myself again, hopefully soon!!! Say hi to everybody