Friday, 14 November 2008

This week's gloom from Goma

Nyaragongo volcano simmers in the background as refugees pitch camp near Goma.
All these pictures, once again, are from the BBC Africa website and I am grateful to be able to use them.

The villain of the piece. This is General Nkunda with some of his entourage.

Just to remind you all that it is the rainy season. Despite being on the Equator, these children are huddled under an umbrella next to a fire to keep warm.

There are reports of cholera in the camps, and medical facilities are inadequate. This is about as good as it gets for a sick child. (But bear in mind that the "normal" infant mortality rate in my part of Rwanda is 1 in 5).

Squalor in the Kibati refugee camp, but at least the Red Cross is there and trying to get things organised.
General view of the camp. This is the one which is in the front line of any potential fighting. The UN is trying to get these people moved to another, safer aea - but with so many various armed bands playing at soldiers, how are they going to find a "safe" place for thousands of displaced people?

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