Monday, 24 November 2008

There's volcanoes at the bottom of our garden.....

Sunrise at Kinigi
Sabyinyo from the entrance to Kinigi. The oldest and most eroded of Rwanda's volcanoes.
One of my favourites - a dramatic shot of Vishoke and Mikeno

Karisimbi. By the way, it isn't snow covered - the white section at the summit is just a trick of the light

Karisimbi and Vishoke

Dense growth in the tropical forest just inside the National Park wall. This may look like "virgin jungle" but in fact this was cultivated land up until the late 1960s when people were evicted and the territory added to the national park to increase the "buffer zone" between farming and gorillas. P.S. don't on any account tangle with the stinging nettles here - they're really vicious!

Dead tree at about 3200m, covered in mosses and lichens.
Ornamental papyrus grass in the gardens at Kiningi. This is the first time I've seen papyrus as an ornament; usually you find enormous expanses growing wild in the swamps around the Nyaborongo river.

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