Monday, 24 November 2008

Life in the Congolese refugee camps

This family of eight registering at Lushebere camp, also in North Kivu, will have to stay in a single hut.
Pictures and text from the BBC website, with grateful acknowlegement

Aid agencies have struggled to reach some of those who have fled. The makeshift camps provide little protection, and leave residents exposed to health risks including cholera.

Civilians have been fleeing clashes involving rebel forces led by Laurent Nkunda and government troops. Both sides have been accused of atrocities. The displaced live in camps like this one in Nyanzale, North Kivu.

At Rutshuru hospital MSF carries out operations and helps victims of sexual violence and malnutrition. Mobile clinics also help deal with cholera outbreaks and conduct vaccinations. Few Congolese people can afford cars, so they improvise their own means of transport.

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