Sunday, 9 November 2008

My new life as a moto driver

Sunday November 9th

Today has been a brilliant day - I started my moto training. There are only four absolute beginners - me, Els, Hayley and Ruairi; there is a bunch of other volunteers who have been driving bikes for a while but who are going to take the formal Rwandan driving test with us.

This is me trying to get my coordination together and just about to move off under power for the very first time. It would, of course, help if I was lookign where I was going instead of looking down at the controls......

My very first attempt on a moto. I've got an instructor sitting on the pillion giving me "help"; but all he's doing is messing up the bike's balance. It was far easier when he decided to get off and run alongside me for a while, shouting instructions. And I'm still not looking where I'm going!

A happy bunny. Five or six circuits of the playing field; I didn't fall off once, and I got as far as fourth gear.

Els looking very nervous. But in the end she did the "cones" test better than any of the rest of us. Els doesn't drive a car, so the mysteries of clutch and gears were added to all the general trials of trying to stay upright, not stall, and not run any of the little boy spectators over.

Hayley's a natural rider, which is all the more surprising because she, too can't drive a car.

Ruairi hanging on like grim death! But the Rwandans liked his Chelsea shirt.....

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