Sunday, 27 July 2008

Postcards from Cyangugu

The border with Congo in all its tacky glory. The old "colonial" part of Cyangugu, which the Bradt guide goes into raptures about, is the straggle of houses around the big white building.
This is the main international highway from Rwanda to both Congo and Burundi. The potholes are so severe that vehicles have to slalom their way up and down the hill. At night time it's dangerous for cars, and lethal for pedestrians!

Here's a pothole so deep they'veplanted a tree in it to warn drivers at night.

Tu Chi by the lakeside. Because the shore is so broken up by little islands and bays and headlands there are lots of these lovely little corners just crying out for a wealthy westerner to build their ultimate tropical paradise holiday retreat!

A distant shot of the fish market. We weren't allowed to take any close ups.

A typical atmospheric shot of the water's edge. In most places there's quite a steep drop down to the lake - cliffs in parts - and there's only so may places where you can easily get to the water's edge.

A hazy long distance shot from the road between Cyangugu and Kamembe. Foreground is Rwanda, background is Congo.

Another view of the fishing canoes. These have just unloaded the night's catch and their crews are drinking away their profits in bars round the edge of the fish market.

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