Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Snaps from Gisenyi and Rubona

When Epi and I went to Gisenyi the weather was far too murky to take good pictures. So here are some of Marisa's, taken earlier in the year when everything was clear and fresh. Epi and I went to all these places. This is Rubona, a beautiful little spot just outside Gisenyi and home to an enormous brewery.
The main mosque in Gisenyi. The lowest level contains an Islamic school.

It's not every town that's got a volcano at the end of the high street. This is Gisenyi at dusk. Nyiragongo volcano is one of the most dangerous in Africa and certainly one of the most active. That's not cloud on the top of it, but steam from the lava lake inside the crater.

The lakeside market at Rubona. It's the only place we've found in Rwanda where boats are used to transport goods across the lake.

And here's a nice pretty one for you!

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