Sunday, 27 July 2008

More postcards from Cyangugu

This is Tu Chi, my lovely travelling companion to Cyangugu.
The Peace Guesthouse where we stayed. Run by the Anglican Diocese of Cyangugu. Very friendly, comfortable, but no alcohol on the premises!

At the border at the extreme southern end of Lake Kivu. In the middle you can see the Rusizi river running out of the lake and southwards towards Lake Tanganyika. To the left is Rwanda, to the right is the Congo.

The palatial mansions of wealthy Congolese line the shores of Lake Kivu, and make a comfortable summer retreat by the cool and breezy lake shore. It's also quick and easy for them to escape Congo if the interminable wars threaten this little corner....

A souvenir of February's earthquakes. The epicentre of the big one was right here at Cyangugu.

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