Saturday, 12 July 2008

E P Busekera, part 1

Busekera is a brand new primary school in one of the poorest parts of Cyeza secteur, deep in the countryside of my District
There is no playground, just this sloping patch of bare earth. (Imagine what it's like during the rainy season). The buildings are home-made and minimal. No water, no electricity, and don't even think about using the toilets!

If you want another classroom, then it's you as the parents who have to build it, on your Umuganda days. This is the new classroom for year 6 nearing completion. Inside the room you can see more mud bricks drying in the sun.

This is the one little patch of school garden. Class 4 and class 5 rooms opposite, with the new room ready for the school's first yr 6 pupils next January.

The fields and farmland of Cyeza come right up to the classroom doors. Endless greenery and hills as far as the eye can see.

These are some of the worst classrooms I've seen, despite nothing here being more than 5 years old. This is class 4's room - two years old. No chairs; children sit on adobe walls topped with straw mats to cushion their bottoms. No desks - thin planks resting on tree branches hammered into the earth floor. How can you write properly when you're trying to balance an exercise book on a piece of wood as narrow as this? And the children really are jammed tightly into this room. Bare walls in semi-dur blocks; nothing pinned onto the walls. In dry weather there is a haze of dust particles across the room as the mud bricks start to fall apart. And yet this school is expected to produce results as good as any English primary.....

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