Saturday, 5 September 2009

Postcards from Rongi and Murehe

The brand new little primary school at Ntarabana - yet it has been built without electricity or water!

Looking across towards Nyamiyaga school on the opposite hilltop.

The hills of Rongi secteur.

At the start and end of term, many pupils from Ntarabana secondary school have to walk about ten miles across this mountain - with all their luggage - to reach the nearest place to catch matatas home. The pupils have to be strong to survive at Rongi!

The guest rooms at the presbytery. Mine is the one on the left!

This is the view from the Priests' living room at Ntarabana presbytery

Playground and boys' boarding accommodation (converted classrooms) at Ntarabana secondary school

Looking towards the hills over the top of Ntarabana secondary school

Ntarabana secondary school - the classroom block seen from the playing field.

Supper at Ntarabana secondary school. Two lads stir a pot of cassava paste.

Dawn in Paradise. The sun comes up across the Nyaborongo valley. Taken from the porch of Ntarabana church while I waited for Mass to begin. 0600h.

The interior of the parish church next to Murehe school. I have never before seen entire logs (tree trunks) used as benches!

While this is obviously a building site, it is actually Murehe's school playground.... When I arrived, years 1 and 2 were carrying the newly made bricks in the foreground and laying them out ready for firing in another kiln.

Classroom block at Murehe? Actually, it's the outside of the dining hall, and the room is owned by the church rather than the school.

Primary yr 1 and 2 classrooms at Murehe. Look at the distance up from ground level to classroom floor level for our little seven year olds!

Cassava, rice and beans for dinner at Murehe. (These are the first year secondary pupils).

The cows at Murehe school

The pupils at Nyabugombe sing their national anthemn

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