Tuesday, 15 September 2009

More pictures from Kibingo

Another shot of one of the log bridges we pass every few hundred yards. This is a "rolls royce" version which you can cross at speed.
A series of pictures to show you this lovely modern school in its setting.

The surrounding mountains really feel as if they're closing in on the eschool!

Loos with views!

Talking to one of the classes at the primary school.

Here you can see the edge of the landslip, a mixture of earth and big boulders. This is precisely the bit that worries me because I think it will move again after the next heavy rain, and we do not want to lose these beautiful school buildings.

The two secondary teachers at Kibingo.

Cassava carriers on the metal bridge.

Let's end with two lovely moody pictures of the Nyaborongo valley


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TSmith said...

I love the photos. I am a classroom teacher trying to become involved with a school in Kampala. I sent you an email with some questions. Terry