Monday, 14 September 2009

Murehe "B", the school that time forgot in Kibangu

The playground and classrooms at Murehe "B" school. They remind me of an abandoned army camp or disused airfield somewhere in east Anglia....

In order to free up an exiting classroom, the school is building a new maternelle (nursery) room.

Just beyond the school bell people are busy making mud bricks for both the new room for Murehe's maternelle, and new secondary classrooms.

Murehe needs new classrooms for next January's new secondary intake. There's no help forthcoming from the government, so this is the "do it yourself" school building kit. Eucalyptus tree trunks for the roof timbers. Stone from the mountainside and river bed for the foundations. And mud bricks, made by the villagers on umuganda days, for the rest.


J Poulton said...
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J Poulton said...

Hi Bruce, assuming there's not two schools in Murehe, I was at the school last week and it's 'coming along'. A primary and secondary school, nearly 1200 pupils. They still need a LOT of help though.