Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Rugendabari - an Anglican primary up-country

Classrooms at Rugendabari Anglican primary school. Thirty five kilometres from Gitarama across the mountains, and light years from the policy makers in KIgali!

Lessons in progress.

Some of Rugendabari's children outside the years 1 and 2 classrooms. If you blow this up to full size you can see the cross and the word "azimuka" - condemned building.

This is the priest's house which joins on to the school; the church is just behidn the school buildings.

The school stands on a bleak and exposed site in the mountains. There are few trees and when it rains the children must get soaked to the skin going to and from school. It's a good job they're such a hardy crowd!

The Anglican church at Rugendabari - listed for demolition before it has even been finished!

Rugendabari scenery

More Rugendabari scenery.

Signpost to the school. My life is being made much easier because the District has decreed that all schools should have a "panneau" to indicate where they are.

Rural roads - fortunately in dry weather!

The river Nyaborongo from the road to Rugendabari

The river Nyaborongo from the road to Rugendabari

All roads in Rwanda are twisty; you follow this road as it loops roudn the mountainside.

Rural road in the dry season. This is almost exactly the spot where Becky and I had to abandon our visit to another Rugendabari school a week or so ago due to torrential rain and slippery mud.

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