Monday, 11 May 2009

Nyabitare school and views to die for!

You MUST blow the first three of these pictures up to full size to appreciate them. (Double click). This is the view on my way to work last Friday. Not even the West Dorset coastline can compete with this photo and the next....!!

One of my best shots ever. Karisimbi volcano on the skyline; morning mist in the valleys. You see now why I keep raving about the scenery in this country?

This is most unusual and the first time I have seen it in Rwanda. At Nyabitare the entire class 1 is using slates to practise handwriting and forming their letters. Officially slates are banned and all children have to buy exercise books (cahiers). Here the majority of parents are desperately poor, and the old ways continue...

Children leaving the school at lunchtime. The nearest building (look at the roofline and you can see how it is disintegrating) is the one where the phto at the end of this set was taken.

The stinking charcoal kiln, whose smoke and fumes permeated the entire school.

Inside the yr 1 classroom in one of the oldest buildings

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