Monday, 11 May 2009

Musange - a lovely school far out in the countryside

Typical scenery on the way in to Musange. I did a deal with Priya that she would take lots of pictures while I got on with being Mr Inspector man. We had views like this for the best part of an hour after we left the tarmac road.

An old mudbrick classroom used for the maternelle. This is a typical example of the classrooms I want replaced. Cheap to build, but never really suitable.

Walking with Immaculee, the headmistress, on a tour of the school gardens.

If your classroom roof needs replacing it's no good waiting for the District to do it. You get your parents mobilised and they do it themselves. The floor is covered in bits of mud cement and odds and ends of broken tile and the roseaux (elephant grass stems - just like bamboo) that they bed the tiles onto.

Everybody lines up in the yard at the end of morning break.

In this picture there are tghree people helping children with their work! Immaculee (on right in white coat), me, and the class teacher (in red fleece)

Getting down to our sums....

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