Friday, 26 June 2009

Training teachers at Kibungo

Three abreast up the hill to Rukira primary school near Kibungo. We're all carrying heavy packs with all our teaching materials.

The "North - South - East - West" game. Believe it or not, this is an excellent way to teach the difference between verbs and adverbs. "Walk happily to the West"; or "hop angrily to the North". The Rukira primary children thought it was totally hilarious.

Soraya, Tina and Tom toasting marshmallows.

Even when the flames had died down, the heat was too intense to get closer to the fire. Cooking marshmallows took only a few seconds apiece!

Simple, effective technology. Hygienic hand washing equipment in a part of Rwanda where water becomes very scarce during the dry season. An old cooking oil bottle, a wooden frame, a piece of string.

You tread on the lower stick and the bottle tips. There's a small hole near the top which delivers just enough water to clean your hands without wasting any. Low maintenance; lasts for ages. Well done, Rwanda!

OK Tina, what are we going to do with them next?.........

........ I know! "Brain Gym" exercises. I'm trying to get 25 teachers to pat their heads and rub their tummies at the same time, and it's causing gales of laughter. (Is this really what the muzungus have come to Rwanda to teach us?)

Look, no hands! Soraya shows she's cool on a moto....

The road to Rukira School - wide and gentle, but so, so dusty. I'm taking this as we're hurtling down the track, three abreast, taking up the entire width of the road, with a blind corner ahead. All three motos are hooting and hoping nobody is abotu to appear round the bend.....

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