Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Pictures from Tinks' Gitarama "Pub Crawl"

For Tinks' "final fling" in Gitarama the girls organised a massive tour round all the cafes and bars we use - the "Great Gitarama Pub Crawl". It took the whole of a Sunday afternoon and evening, and turned into one of the best days out we've had here in Git. So without any apologies here are a host of pictures. We get steadily more inebriated as the sequence goes on..... To those who are not with VSO Rwanda, it will help you put faces to some of the people I'm always mentioning in the blog. To those who took part - thank God nobody was taking more pictures of me!....

Just getting started: Charlotte, Ruairi, Becky and Moira.

Amalia is a VSO working at Gikongoro in the far south of Rwanda.

Tinks with Soraya.

This is Tinks, the star of the show! Come back, babe - we're missing you already. It's far too quiet round here.

Becky's now very much one of the "Gitarama gang".

Kerry's listening carefully.....

Moira's looking a bit glum, which is very much not her usual self....

...ah, this is a much nicer picture!

Ruairi and Becky enjoying a joke....

..... and this time looking very thoughtful

Berthe and Tinks. Berthe is a Dutch VSO working with the disability programme at Gatagara in the far south of Rwanda.

Amalia and Moira

And this is not all of us - L to R Becky, Bruce, Soraya, Tom, Tinks, Moira, Amalia, Hayley.

While Hayley's launching the pub quiz, Moira, Soraya and Becky wonder whatever's coming next....!

Amalia, Kerry and Charlotte in full cry.

Oh dear; we look so interested, don't we? The male side of the Gitarama mafia rack their brains to try to answer questions at the "Tranquillite pub quiz".

Andrea and Sadio with their little boy. Tom doesn't look very impressed....

Many drinks later - Amalia and Kerry prop each other up at the "Orion" nightclub.

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