Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The great Gahini birthday party

Double click on each picture to enlarge it. These pictures are chosen to show you some of the friends I'm always referring to in my blog diary.

Even on a wet afternoon, Lake Muhazi doesn't look too bad.

The tent here at "Seeds of Peace" was for an English NGO couple and their children. It must have felt like a wet Cormwall weekend in all the rain.... In the background is my "floating island" (see text blog for details)

The Gitarama bunch get in early and have a picnic. L to R Michael, Tinks, Janine, Tom and Christi

OK girls, it's called a camera! Tina and Epi making funny faces.

Heloise and Tom Lee could almost pass as brother and sister here. They are both working on HIV education in schools in the Eastern province.

Ruairi chatting up Sandra and Rinske, two of our new Dutch volunteers

Irene in full flight on the dance floor. Beyond question the best dancer of all the volunteers!

Kersti in mid dance. We all think there's something of Barbara Streisand in this shot.

Oh dear, what do I look like? The wig was bought for me by Soraya, Hayley and Charlotte and I had to promise to wear it all evening. I'm dancing with Nick (Kersti's boyfriend) who looks like an extra from "Men in Black"

Eric looks very fetching in Epi's emergency rain cape and my birthday wig.

Sunny Sunday reflections in Lake Muhazi

Janine looking wonderful. She is so dark that it's almost impossible to photograph her unless she's facing directly into the sun. Here at Gahini the sun was far too strong for that....

Epi's fishing snails out of the lake; the rest of us are getting hotter and hotter as the morning passes by.

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