Wednesday, 3 December 2008

waiting at the roadside for a moto to be repaired

OK, I was bored to tears. This shows the amount of engineering needed to make the Ngororero road, and you can also see how the rock is so rotten and weathered that its constantly slumping down into the roadway. You take corners at speed at your peril!
Two views out from the roadside into the countryside of Muhanga secteur. Lovely!

What mycamera won't pick up properly is the sheer depth of hills receding in row upon row into the background. This is about as typical a "Rwandan landscape" as you'll get

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Ward said...

Hey Bruce,

Your blog is great to keep me posted about daily life in Gitarama. It does make me jealous from time to time though. It still feels a bit like my second hometown. I hope you don't have too much problems with the whole anti-europeans vibe? Some colleagues of mine had to leave the country because they didn't get their working permit granted. They are now in Kampala trying to get back in but it doesn't look good.

Say hello to the other mzungus from me. Do you still have the sundayevening mzungu dinners?

Take care

from a cold but sunny Belgium