Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Our Rwanda Christmas Tree

This has been a wonderful co-operation between Teresa and Holy Trinity Church in Bradpole village. Every year in Bridport we have an exhibition of decorated Christmas trees in the United Church. Local organisations buy a tree and decorate it round a certain theme. The trees are on display to the public for a week; each tree has a collecting tin for the relevant charity. This year the Holy Trinity Church tree - in one of the most prominent positions of all - has been dedicated to my work as a VSO in Rwanda, and to raising money to provide a water tank for one of my schools. The tree is decorated with banana leaf Christmas cards from the apprentice training centre at Butare; with tiny basket's from the women's co-operatives which Tom is supporting in the southern province, and with some of my photos from the past year.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped in this project, and to those people who are donating large amounts of money towards the provision of clesan water for Muhanga primary schools. And a special thank you to Teresa, without whom none of this would have happened!

Just some of the seventy trees inside the church.

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