Thursday, 21 August 2008

Family visit to Kibuye, Aug 1st and 2nd

Kivu is calm and moody-looking first thing in the morning!
Inter-island ferry for tourists and islanders

Andy makes the moves

Canoeing dude

Fishing boats tied up at Kibuye fish market

It's Sunday morning and this big boat is bringing Congolese people from Idjwi Island some 20 miles across the lake to church at Kibuye

Together after nearly 7 months apart!

Another early morning shot of Lake Kivu. Bear in mind that this is only a tiny section of the lake - Kivu is one of the world's big lakes, considerably bigger than the whole of Dorset

The shore of Kivu is broken up by thousands of little bays and is dotted with islands. Every hundred yards you get a different perspective.

The view from our church guest house balcony

When we eventually found a sloping lake we remembered that we'd left our waterskis back in Bridport....

Tea on the terrace, anyone?

You've had far too much writing from me, so here are photos from our family holiday beside Lake Kivu at Kibuye.

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