Thursday, 21 August 2008

The road to Ngororero

My own District of Muhanga has stunning scenery, and I wanted to make sure my family saw sone of it. Here are some shots from the road being built right through the mountains of Muhanga towards Ngororero.
The road is being built with the help of Chinese engineers and the Chinese government. It is full of major earthworks - this is a relatively minor cutting. In a couple of places whole mountainsides have been shaved away to create a ledge for the road.

Gisiza primary school huddled in its valley. (Remember that if you double-click on these pictures they'll blow up to full size)!

Two shots of the Nyaborongo River, one of the biggest in Rwanda, which marks the boundary of my District.

Typical scenery in the hills and mountains of Muhanga. You can see from this picture why one of my biggest problems is just getting from place to place to do my job!

Rwanda - the "land of a thousand hills"

It really is the most beautiful country you could imagine.

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