Thursday, 28 August 2008

Ward's leaving party

This is Ulrika, a German volunteer (not VSO) who manages an orphanage in Gitarama. She is very much one of our Sunday night get-together gang.
Ulrika with Ward (in the middle) and an Argentinian doctor who is working in the obstetrics department at Kabgayi hospital. Ward is our "entertainments manager" - he's the one who texts us to say there's a football match on at the cultural centre, or that there's a band playing at the night club, so we're going to miss him now that he's leaving. His day job is as an agricultural adviser in Mushishiro and Kabacuzi secteurs, within Muhanga district. He's a Flemish-speaking Belgian; his house is full of posters in Flemish and none of us cannunderstand a word of them! Three of the non-VSO or FHI Gitarama muzungus!

Ward talking to Karen

Karen does watercolours to relax, and she's really good at it. While she was doing this painting of first communion inside the church at Gitarama, she and I were talking about Warminster and people we both knew in common in the town. If you double click on the picture you should be able to blow it up big enough to see details of people's clothes and the banners hanging from the ceiling.

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