Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Weekend in Nyanza

The hills of Nyanza look lovely in late afternoon light
The old Thatched palace - stockade and entrance

1930s decor and jazzy fireplaces in the new palace

The entrance to the thatched palace. Read the June 1st blog entry for the significance of the semicircles

Beautiful screens made of woven basketry. This is Rwandan artisan work at its very finest

Detail of the doorway - the contruction is intricate, strong, durable, and uses a technology of natural materials to create something functional and at the same time aesthetically beautiful

The main reception area with a hearth in the foreground. There is no chimney or escape hole for smoke, but ultra dry wood was used for fire to minimise smoke.

Storage baskets on the royal bed. Every basket has a different design; every design is a coded message and tells a story

Detail of the basket work weave of the interior wall of the palace. It's not very light inside, but the textures of the surfaces are fantastic!

Storage jars and calabashes inside one of the smaller huts at Nyanza

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