Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Braving the crowds at Kiyumba

"O K folks, here's a game called North, South, East, West. You can use it to teach verbs and adverbs to your classes....."
They don't look very impressed with my explanations. What crazy antics is the muzungu going to get up to now?

Somewhere in the middle of all that lot, Cathie is teaching the "Fruit Salad" game to twenty two tachers. The picture might work better if you blow it up!
"What's the Time, Mr Lion?" is always the most enjoyable game. Five lions are looking over their shoulders and sizing up who they're going to have for dinner.....

Kanyanza "B"'s school store of farming tools. The two machetes in front of the water but may look rusty, but they're very sharp.

What's the muzungu doing now? Oh, he's trying to eat a mandazi without us seeing him. Let's just stand here for twenty minutes and see what he does. (There's not much variety to everyday life at Kanyanza).

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