Friday, 6 June 2008

The road to Kibangu

Here is the series of pictures I took on the way back from Kibangu (see blog for June 5th). Apologies that some are blurred; they were taken from pillion seat of a moving moto on mega-bumpy dirt roads! And apologies if some are very dark; it was about to pee down with rain at any minute!

Wisps of cloud far below us. But just imagine living in the middle of these hills and needing to travel anywhere....

Charcoal burning, with planks of wood drying next to the kilns

A whole mountainside cleared of trees for making charcoal. You can see plumes of smoke from the charcoal burning

On this one you can see the tree stumps left to regenerate, and the deep trenches to prevent rainwater washing all the soil straight off the mountainside.

A nice moody shot of clouds. As we entered the cloud the heavens opened and we got soaked to the skin for the next hour!

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