Monday, 16 November 2009

Pictures for November 3rd

The "House of Wonders" - the biggest and best house in Zanzibar.

The Omani fort seen from the outside.

An old palace by the waterfront. The sultans lived pretty well here with several palaces close together; in a few cases there were bridges linking them so that the palace dwellers wouldn't have to mingle with the common people in the streets.

Forodhani Gardens by daylight.

Typical street in Stone Town. You can see why scooters are the favourite form of transport!

View from the battlements of the Omani fort.

"Tingatinga" and Maasai paintings are for sale everywhere. Some of the tingatinga pictures are lovely, but we'd have difficulty getting them home undamaged with our rucksacks.

Many houses need shoring up while they wait to be restored.

Zanzibari apples on sale at a street corner. Funny taste; a bit astringent; rather cotton woolly! Cleans your mouth out, though, on a hot day!

One of the most persistent requests from female papasi was to get ourselves henna'd. Rachael had her hand done.

A very poignant place - the slave memorial in the cathedral grounds, Stone Town.

I thought this face on the slavery memorial was particularly beautiful.

Stone Town cathedral, with a minaret from one of the biggest mosques alongside.

Epi measures up a shark's jawbones and teeth for size.

We were eating ice creams at a cafe next to the sea when in the space of a few minutes a whole series of dhows came past.

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