Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Oh dear - back into the real world at last!

November 13th

Into the office fairly early, but I miss Claude and with him I miss the internet modem. I spend the morning writing up my final placement report for VSO. This is the last of the formal documents I need to produce. When its done all that remains is some procedural stuff like getting police clearance and personal stuff like buying last minute souvenirs.

By late morning I’ve written emails to all sorts of people and been to the internet cafĂ© in town to do all my business there. Unfortunately there are a couple of messages I don’t have time to deal with; they can wait till Monday.

In the afternoon I work at the flat and one of the things I do is try to plan for next week. If all goes well I can most of my remaining business done by the weekend; that’ll give me a relaxed final week to say my goodbyes to people.

In the evening we cook and watch videos. For once we decide not to go out for Friday night because there’s a big party tomorrow. Tom’s tired from work and I’m still getting over the Zanzibar trip. My stomach is still delicate; I don’t think I’ve got a bug, it’s just that three days of virtually constant travel and meals at funny times are catching up with me.

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