Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Picture essay on the Ssese Islands

These pictures show you why we all fell in love with the Ssese Islands. Double click to enlarge each photo.

The Government ferry to Buggala Island. It is free, but very slow!

You'd be forgiven for thinking this was the sea, and not a lake.

Inter-island taxi

The herbal doctor peddles his wares on our ferry

Well, fish might be "de best", but when we tried to eat here we found it had been turned into a gambling hall...

This is the town centre of Kalangala, the biggest settlement on the islands. You're not exactly swept off your feet by the bustle of traffis.....

..... and it's even less busy facing the other direction!

Our dormitory hut comes complete with dusky maiden..... (sorry Epi!)

Our own private beach

Everyone staying at the camp lined up along the beach to watch this sunset

An egret struts along the shore as the sun sets over one of the islands

Posing by the old cabin cruiser

Sunset over Lake Victoria

Our sandy beach at the "Hornbill" camp site

Two of the American "World Teach" volunteers outside Soraya and Epi's banda

Typical view anywhere on the islands. Like the Scillies, but in the middle of Lake Victoria. Paradise or what?

Typical rural houses on Buggala Island

Boats alongside the jetty at Kalangala harbour

Looking from the ferry jetty towards our little paradise beach

This is the banda (l h side) Tina and I shared with several geckos

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