Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Brucey the Gitarama postman

April 15th-16th

Two days in which I do very little. I’m tired after the holiday, and I’m trying to sort out all my belongings. I go up to the District Office. Claude isn’t there, but Valérian is, and some of the school census sheets have arrived. So I decide to take them home and work from home. On both days we have heavy rain, so I can’t get out to Cyeza, and so I spend my time transcribing the census stuff and starting to write up my Uganda blog entries. This takes forever – I can remember everything that we did in great detail, but it just takes so long to get it all written down.

I manage to watch the DVD of our rafting trip; there I am in geeky glory with my pink crash helmet, always the last one to get crouched down in the boat and always the first one to start paddling away from danger…

I call in at the post office and there’s loads of post – 5 letters just for Tina, and Kerry has amassed 4 parcels. I think she’s keeping e-bay in business. There are also newspapers for myself and Hayley. I deliver hers to the house and get savaged by the dog, which has sharp claws and if anything is getting even more jumpy and out of control.

I meet Nathan, who is the latest intern working with FHI. He’s an American from Los Angeles, and has been living in Kampala for a while so we have plenty to talk about. We’re texted by Moira and Kerry who have Bridget staying with them for her birthday, so in the evening we go out to the Orion club for drinks with the girls and the staff of the teacher training college.

And that’s about it, really – nothing much else happens.

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