Thursday, 12 February 2009

Wanted - two benefactors!

From time to time every VSO gets requests for financial help from local people or organisations. We can’t help everybody. My local community in Bridport has raised large sums of money which we are using to provide clean water to primary schools whose supply is non-existent, or polluted, or a long way from the school.

But here are two different recent requests which I and my local community can’t afford to support. There hundreds of you out there reading my blog; if any of you feel moved to support either of the two following causes, either in whole or in part, please can you make contact with me. My email is It would be lovely to find a “fairy godmother or godfather” who is willing to come to their aid.

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help.

Munyinya is a big primary school of well over 1000 children on the outskirts of Gitarama. It has just started a tronc commun (secondary) section. The school needs help to pay for a string of pylons and cabling to bring electricity to the buildings for light and power. This will mean they can teach computing; it means they can use the school after dark for parents’ meetings and potentially for adult education classes in the evenings. The school is well run with a dynamic head mistress, is popular with local parents and is well supported by local (but poor) families.
The sum needed on the quote we have from the electricity company is £750 ($800)

E is the head mistress of one of the most successful primary schools in the district. She is midway through a university course which will improve her effectiveness and job security. Last year one of her family members got married and the money she had saved for this year’s tuition and transport fees for her course had to be used to help pay for the wedding. (This is normal practice in Rwanda where weddings are taken very seriously but consume large parts of people’s savings). She is an effective head teacher and is also the local secteur representative. She is a widow with two teenage boys to support and has no source of income other than her salary.
E needs a total of £700 ($750) to cover tuition fees and an allowance for transport.

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