Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Postcards from the Far East (Rusumo and Kibungo)

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Soraya lights the kerosene stove to cook our evening meal. This is the backyard of Epi's house in Kibungo
The front view of Epi's house. We're just setting off for Rusumo.

This is the Onatracom bus company ticket office at Rusumo. Probably not the busiest route in Rwanda.....

The Akagera River just before it reaches the falls. Far side is Tanzania; this side is Rwanda. This water has started off in Nyungwe forest in the far south of Rwanda; travelled north all round the edges of my District of Muhanga, then back down past Kigali to the swamps in the far south of Rwanda, and is now heading back north and eventually into Lake Victoria. When it leaves Lake Victoria it will be better known as the White Nile, the longest river in the world. OK, that's the end of the geography lesson..... We saw people swimming across from Rwa to Tnz; not sure whether they were smuggling or just swimming. Let's hope the current is too strong for crocodiles!

The river just below the falls. It's a really deep gorge. Somewhere here is where the new railway line from Tanzania to Kigali will cross the river.

The falls are very impressive just now, at the end of the rainy season. But with reference to something I put in the blog last week, just look how much soil is being carried down in this water.....

As usual, we're a very international bunch. Tina is German, Epi is Canadian; Soraya is Phillipina

Even the baboons seem to obey the "stop" signs at the boundary gates!

After a hard morning's tourism we need a cold fanta. A pity the waitress nearly chopped Epi out of the picture...

Looking across into Tanzania.

The landscape around Kibungo is really pretty, and Soraya and I both enjoyed it. The valleys are wider and the hills lower than here where I live in Muhanga. It's also much greener than we were expecting.

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