Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Shyogwe progress at the end of September

All the brickwork has been done except for inserting ventilation bricks.
Stephanie meets Michael, who is succeeding Geert as the VSO based at Shyogwe. This Michael on his very first day at work, and his very first visit to a Rwandan school!

Rear view showing the high-level small windows.

The building work certainly doesn't stop children using the volleyball court immediately behind the block. (But it does give them a good excuse for claiming they didn't hear the bell for the end of playtime....)!

Front view of the new block. I think these rooms are going to be beautiful to work in, and probably the best lit of any in the District.

Shaping a tree trunk for a roof beam.

You can see the enormous length of the roof beams, and how each beam is an entire tree trunk.

Children squirting water into a bucket at the end of playtime so they can cleanse the toilets.

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