Wednesday, 29 October 2008

How's this for a reports on your parents' evening!

What follows here is copied verbatim from the national newspaper on Tuesday October 28th. St Marie Reine is one of my Muhanga secondary schools; it's about a mile from my flat and I can see it from the lounge window. It's an intensely Catholic place, with a specialism in pre-nursing and accountancy. But read what's been going on there and see whether you'd want to send your children there! Remember, this supposed to be one of the premier secondaries in the District.

MUHANGA — College Marie Reine de Kabgayi will put more efforts in teaching the English language, and establishing a firm ground of discipline in the academic year 2009.
Fr. Déogratias Ahishakiye, the school’s director said this during the parents-teachers reunion held at the school premises last Sunday.
The revelation comes days after the government opted for English as a medium of instruction in all government affiliated schools.
Fr. Ahishakiye highlighted a number of challenges facing the school ahead of next academic year. These include inadequate classrooms, need for a bigger dinning hall, kitchen, and water catchments. The school projects to have about 600 students next year.
During the event, parents inspected the newly constructed boys’ dormitories, classrooms, laboratories and 160m³ capacity water -tank.
Parents and the school administration decried the increasing cases of indiscipline among students and general insecurity in the area.
It was noted that some students are involved in petty thefts and residents also attacked the school recently. One of the school guards was seriously injured and one of the thugs was killed during a fracas.
This, they said, calls for the need to fence the school compound to prevent criminals from freely entering the school premises.
“We are not going to tolerate indiscipline in 2009. Strict measures have been taken for students’ discipline and so far four students have been expelled for stealing,” Fr. Ahishakiye said.
He added that mechanisms to ensure discipline will be established through forming ‘students’ homes of peace’- that will monitor students’ conduct.

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