Monday, 5 October 2009

Today in Gitarama....

As Soraya and I went for some lunch today, we decided to take a series of photos along the way from the office to the town centre. This is Gitarama, folks!

These trees have had their roots chopped severely to make way for a pavement. And look at our brand new town centre road!

Small shops and offices at the top end of town. Electrogaz is good at flying the flag, but do they deliver the goods?

A small business at the top end of town processing bananas into beer. As you pass it, you can smell when there's a brew ready for bottling!

Children collecting water from a public tap at the little stadium. Despite the trees, this is also one of the absolute favourite places for children to play football when school finishes.

Our new public clock at the junction of the Kigali and Kibuye roads. It keeps good time, too!

The beer companies seem to have plenty of money to advertise.

The bus park always looks bleak

Our new town centre roundabout; it's waiting for a big advertising post in the middle.

3 pictures from "Nectar", one of our favourite eating places in the town

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