Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Latest pictures from Shyogwe

Inside the new admin building. Somewhere safe to store textbooks, and work stations for the teachers. This is unheard of luxury for the staff at Shyogwe, yet in any English or Dutch school we would take it all for granted...

Inside the new office and staffroom. Electricity, computer, printer.... What a difference a year makes here!

The administration block looks neat and attractive. There's even the beginnings of a flower bed, and (of course), railing to lean your push bike on!

The new block from the front. Very little different to this time last year, I'm afraid.

Inside one of the classrooms.

I couldn't resist this picture. It is a beautiful acacia tree which both Geert and I have noticed at the back of the school. More than any other trees, these acacias are the ones we're both going to remember as typical of Africa.

The roof tiles on one side are just about finished.

Geert with Stephanie. Behind them is a pile of earth; this is mixed with water to make a mud cement to bed the tiles onto the canes and to seal the gaps between the tiles and the outside of the building.

Geert, Stephanie and the (very camera shy) master builder.

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Hakizimana Olivier said...

hhhh, you remind me the beautiful place of shyogwe how bording life was!!!! and you remind me old geert and his moto bicycle.