Sunday, 18 January 2009

Joe's pictures from Nyamasheke

This is Joe's favourite picture so far, and I've included it because it's so good. Sunset over Lake Kivu.
Remember that if you double click on any of these pictures they will enlarge full size!
Lake Kivu at Nyamasheke. Joe is based here, some miles north of Cyangugu, in the Western province but in the very far south-west of Rwanda. He has by far the longest journey to get to and from Kigali - a whole day's ride on taxi buses over some atrocious roads!

fishing boats on the lake. Kivu has very steep banks and is a tremendously deep lake. There are relatively few places where the shores are accessible for a walk along the edge!

a big church in Nyamasheke which was completely destroyed in last February's earthquake and has just been rebuilt

evening light over Lake Kivu

dedication service in the church rebuilt after last february's earthquake

this is the view Joe has every day as he walks to and from work

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