Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Shyogwe School project

On the other side of these rooms they've put up buttresses because the wall is collapsing outwards.

This is the oldest block of classrooms and the one in urgent need of replacement. Notice ther windows - no glass, but wooden shutters. There are only windoes on one side of the rooms. Because the rooms are made of weak mud bricks, the windows have to be as small as possible to maintain the building's structural integrity. But if you shut the windows because it's raining, the rooms are almost pitch dark inside - too dark to work in!

Welcome to Shyogwe Anglian Primary SChool, near Gitarama. This is what a primary school with 2103 pupils looks like! The water tank is a gift from the pupils of Marchwood Primary school, near Southampton

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GeoffreyMcMaster said...

I visited this achool in July 2007 and was shown around by Rev John Wesley Kabango. A video clip of the visit is on